Undestanding the code

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Undestanding the code

Post by naruskaizant » Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:13 pm

Hey guys, i'm new on the forum and want to know if there is a documentation to explain the XCOM 2 code.

like this line: NumInForcedDeck=1
or this one: KillAssistsPerKill=4

I get that this line here bAllowAWCAbilities=1 is to allow the soldier to get the random ability for the AWC.

I wish to do some modding for my own game (not only classes, some mechanics too), and the guides that i found uselly says: "do that" or "copy that", but not why I need to do those things. I belive if i can undestand what it is, and does, i can do much more.

Thx, and sry for my broken english

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