My humble feedback after 3 Campaigns.

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My humble feedback after 3 Campaigns.

Post by SirensCry » Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:43 pm

First of all, i HATE you guys. Im tossing like 8 hrs a day on your mod and then i go sleep thinking about what could/would/want to do in the mod when i wake up xD

Seriously, an awesome job.

Now, a couple of suggestions ( Still on 1.2 - Commander ) :

Invasions and retaliations : There have been lots of talk about them and im pretty sure you are working on solutions. This is my suggestion : Make the rebels controllable from the beginning of the mission. They still are scattered, they may activate a pod and etc. but you can actually move them into cover, or run for it, or whatever. They are rebels, not civilians, make them like in the Rendevouz. Basic gear and stuff. You solve most of the problems ( and complains ) with that little adjustment.

Ammo : Another big topic. Why not make the ammo a Weapon mod? Think about it, you sacrifice a slot in your weapon, but you can still personalize like now, you solve the problem of the inventory slot AND the weight penalty, that really make no sense. Also? that bonus for a 4th slot in the weapons now REALLY looks tasty.

Information display : The BIG one. There's lot of places where it feels needed. I suggest Warning windows on Key issues. Example: " Advent is massing troops on nearby region " on the Geoscape with the OK button ( So you pause and read xD ) When some adyacent region is about to hit 8. Dont even tell wich one, just give us a little heads up. We dont pretend to monitor the whole world, but cmon, dont we have ppl watching the frontiers of our liberated region?

Intel spending: This one got me thinking. Theres no use for intel whatsoever. I mean yeah, there is but nothing really meaningful. Toss me 50 intel here for this 1 month research? ok...done. Contact that region over there! give me 80/160/etc intel. ok...done. And thats it. Dont even get me started on the boosts. their costs are negligible. So here is my suggestion : Lets go back to spend intel on Dark events. BUT in a meaningful way, for example : Spend x intel every 1st of the month to reveal the region where a mission to deter a DE is going to spawn. Make it look like you got intel about lets say advent working on Venom rounds( actually you WONT KNOW waht your are paying for, obviously) , ok, pay to know WHERE they are doing it, then try and scan down, contact the region whatever YOU LIKE to do. at least you have a choice lol. Maybe you pay and they are doing it on the other side of the planet ( where the mission would spawn ) or they are researching fucsia chrysallids. Fuck it, at least we know its coming.

QOL Mods : Enough said. Just look at the ones Xwynns is using on his Lets Play for an example. like EVERYONE is using them or some variation. Any way to integrate those functions into LW2? Make it a series of options like Not created equally and stuff, im certain its doable. There are things that not everyone is confortable with, for example the reaction stuff. Just put a switch somewhere to turn the thing off/run for cover/Ow/full reaction fire/random reaction fire.

Alert levels: Still not clear as to what it is supposed to accomplish. Help me out here : i make a loud noise, they hear it, they start running instead of walking. Thats all i had happening on my campaigns. I had dozen of Shinobi/Sniper destroy relay missions to test it and really there was no appreciable effect besides the running stuff. Yeah sometimes they run toward the noise, but sometimes dont. Range of the noise? sure, must be. Just another range indicator we dont have? =P

I have seen some videos showcasing the idea of pulling the aliens away by making a noise but...its not practical at all. I mean yeah you can use the system for that i guess, but what for? Theres no need unless you vowed to never use Shinobis or Concealment for that matter.

Alien Squad sight and whole map awareness: Destroy relay mission : Typical Shinobi + Sniper. Sniper takes last shoot at relay, destroying it. Not single alien heard/figured out where the sniper was after 4 o 5 turns of shooting. Just to test and because it was faster than running the shinobi back, i make the shinobi run away and bail out first after lets say a 3 turn flare. THE MOMENT the Shinobi left the map i throw another flare with my sniper. Another 3 turns. THE WHOLE MAP CONVERGES ON THE SNIPER. Wtf? tested several times on different missions. always the same. Any chance to remove that nasty wallhack from the aliens? Thats only an example, theres lot more on this very forum from other users and myself.

The Vipers are another thing entirely xD Shooting tru mountains/floors, or to Soldiers that have nothing in sight that would give vision etc. I think this is a map design issue so i just mention it to get a +1 on the reports =P

Perks and Classes : Seen a lot of discussion about them, what should be, what i like, etc. Im of the opinion of : You dont like it, dont use it. You REALLY want to use it, but dont like the Tec sarg selection? edit the frakking ini xD, make you own class and be done with it =P I know i did, cant live w/o my old style Snapshot. xD

Thats actually all i can recall at the moment, but im on my FOURTH RUN now, so im guessing i ll update if i have some new practical suggestions.

Thanks for reading!


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Re: My humble feedback after 3 Campaigns.

Post by Solomani » Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:36 pm

"Ammo : Another big topic. Why not make the ammo a Weapon mod?"

I like that idea a lot!

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Re: My humble feedback after 3 Campaigns.

Post by Solitas » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:39 pm

Some good suggestions in here, the retaliations are a still a bugbear for me so would love to see a revision there and having control of rebels would be a good start. I've not actually seen the devs opinion on retaliations, probably just missed it, are they looking at them at all?

I've often thought ammo isn't handled well anywhere really. There's different interpretations and approaches but none that I honestly feel nail it down well. Personally I have the weight reduction removed on ammo anyway as it doesn't really fit for me. Opens up some interesting loadout decisions since ammo doesn't reduce my soldiers mobility.
I do wonder if it's possible to create a basic ammo that is equipped by default until replaced by a custom ammo. Perhaps open up the ammo inventory slot in this fashion, code it so soldiers always have 'conventional ammo' equipped unless replaced. Avoids the awkwardness that soldiers suddenly need to spend an inventory/mod slot to carry ammo when they didn't before.

Incidentally I think it really needs to be highlighted more, but the devs did a fantastic job opening up so much of the mod to, well, modding. There's rarely a time I can't open up the inis and alter something if it bugs me (barring drastic changes) and I really appreciate this. It's certainly improved the amount of fun I experience, not to mention reduced any frustration I might have from a particular setting, or feature.

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Re: My humble feedback after 3 Campaigns.

Post by Jacke » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:30 am

It seems that any activated pods will move towards unconcealed soldiers no matter where they are. I'd suggest setting up the Sharpshooter out of sight of the aliens and in sight of the relay, then break concealment by tossing the evac flare by the Sharpshooter, then start shooting the relay.

There's a mod "Ammo as weapon mods" but I think it takes too much away, using up 1 of only 3 or 4 mod slots. I instead use the mod "Tactical Rigging: Ammo and Grenades" along with "Ammo Pocket Fix" and "TONS of Utility Items" to give all Squaddies and above an ammo pocket and a grenade pocket. Along with modding the ammo to have no weight, I think this finally allow me to properly kit out my XCOM soldiers.

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