Suggestions about Management of Haven Advisors

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Suggestions about Management of Haven Advisors

Post by Sax2514 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 2:04 pm

Hello everybody,
I really like the introduction of Haven Advisors but I think, imho, there are some things that should be addressed, in order to speed up the game and make it more simple. For instance, when I'm beginning to expand to new regions, I usually want to put there my strongest soldiers and officers in order to recruit more rebels and find faceless faster. These soldiers, however, are often in my alpha team or in another b-team, and the game doesn't allow me to select a soldier as haven advisor if he/she is in a squad; so I need to to go to the armory, open the squad management panel, and kick off my soldier from the squad, then I need to go to the command section, open the resistance panel and then I can finally put the soldier in a region. I think that this is a little clumsy, especially if you consider that in the end you need to manage 15-16 regions, so 15-16 haven advisors. Also, when I remove the soldiers from the squad, I usually forget the original squad composition, so I need to write them on paper in order to remember. Obviously, you can find other soldiers as HA, from rescue missions, black market, etc.. but even then you usually need to remove them from their job as HA and gear them up with better equipment because there will be always a moment of emergency (retaliation, mini-retaliations, invasions etc..). After using them for these emergency situations, you then need to put them again in their original role as HA, but before that you need to review their equipment again, because you simply cannot afford a haven advisor with plasma rifle and warden suit.
Sometimes I need to use them on a regular base, because I have a lot of retaliations, and so this becomes a very long, repetitive and boring mechanic.

I suggest some changes:

1) First of all, simply create a simple section in the Armory, like the "Squad Management" page, but exclusively for Haven Advisors. When you open the page, you could see all your HA, and manage their equipment without removing them from their regions

2)Allow a soldier to be both in a squad AND also in a region as haven advisor. In this way, you could theoretically leave a soldier in a region forever, as long as he/she survives and also be in a squad. When you need to use the soldier for a mission, you could recall him/her momentarily from the region, do the mission, and if he/she survives or not wounded, could automatically return to their previous job or maybe, before returning back, there could be an advice, for example:" your soldier is back to the Avenger. Would you like to send him/her back to previous job as Haven Advisor in Western Us? Would you also manage the equipment before sending him/her back?"

Example: your teams are all far away from the Avenger, because team A is infiltrating for HQ Assault, team B is on the verge to ambush a troop column and all others are undergeared stealth shinobi/specialists for stealth missions and rookies. Suddenly, a retaliation begins in Western Europe, with Advent Strenght 9, and you decide to defend your rebels and your HA with the best soldiers remaining. You have only 23 hours before all are dead. So, instead of calling back a squad, just let us momentarily call back some HA directly from the soldier page, or, even better, as I suggested above, from the Haven Advisor page, and then, after the mission is done, just send them back automatically.
You could also create a surplus of Advisors, so if your best Assault MSGT of your Alpha Team needs to go away for a week for a very important mission, could easily be replace by another in the Haven Advisor page.

thank you for your attention and sorry if I made some mistakes. I would like to know what you think about these suggestions and what could be done otherwise.

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Re: Suggestions about Management of Haven Advisors

Post by trihero » Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:43 pm

This is also the number 1 reason I don't use squads, because I can't easily pull members off to become haven advisors.

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Re: Suggestions about Management of Haven Advisors

Post by Jacke » Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:35 pm

...which could be solved very easily if LW2 allowed the selection of squad soldiers as Haven advisors and just removed them from the squads automatically.

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