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Re: Questions/feedback about Smash & Grab

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 12:25 pm
by gimrah
Yeah S&G reinforcements are different to other missions. They come hard and fast once they come. You need to be out when the timer runs down. Although note there is essentially a turn 0 on the timer: after 1 the RNF indicator goes red and so they actually start from the turn after that. And of course you're good for even the turn after that as long as you can deal with any overwatching MECs from the 1st drop.

So you do have to push forward hard on S&G. Mostly you should get done on an ex light or v light with 2-3 turns to spare, but you only have to get bogged down for an extra turn or two in one engagement and it can get pretty tight unless you really hustle before and after.

If you haven't used it by then, Oscar Mike is helpful to get everyone on a crate or to get everyone out faster.

And if someone goes down, note you can pick a body if you already have a crate, but you can't pick up a crate if you already have a body (and putting down a body costs an action while picking up is free).

Re: Questions/feedback about Smash & Grab

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:43 am
by poseidon595
Played more than a dozen smash and grab missions since 1.5. For some reason I never saw them on version 1.3.

They seem to be great early-game missions for acquiring elerium/alloys/supplies from what I've seen, but the rewards isn't that great. As already mentioned, ambush missions and convoy raids often net you more, if not for being more difficult.

One curiosity though: Why do your forces start the mission revealed? It doesn't seem to make much sense to me if they don't know we're even here yet. We should be concealed.

Re: Questions/feedback about Smash & Grab

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 7:06 am
by RookieAutopsy
Smash & Grabs were only introduced in 1.5 :D

I like that they're revealed start as it mixes it up a bit, makes the mission play out differently. I recently did one with a Shinobi, two Rapid Reaction Rangers and two DFA snipers, who I brought as filler to pick up boxes and XP as noone else was available. The Rangers tore through the entire site, with the snipers merely advancing and holotargetting. The fighting element being able to dash every single turn made for a fun and different experience to usual.

Re: Questions/feedback about Smash & Grab

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:04 am
by gimrah
S&G was made revealed start for balance and part of de-emphasising stealth from early versions of LW2.

Very early game it's therefore a good idea to think one mission ahead. Shinobis are good on every mission type early on but if you only have one you might want to not deploy him on the first mission if it's not S&G or escort, as the next mission could very well be one of those and you'll really want a shinobi then. Similarly saving specialists for hack missions.

S&G should be thought of as just another type of guerrilla op. All of which offer some kind of resource, be it research (scientist), economy (intel, engineer), currency (S&G). Which to prioritise will vary based on what you are short of. All else being equal, S&G rewards are often modest compared to a rescue VIP which also gives you an intel package (often worth as much or more than the headline reward) and an opportunity for something else good from the door hack. But, if you just researched new weapons/armour but you have no supplies/alloys/elerium, then S&G may be just what you need.

Yes troop columns and supply raids are often 'better' missions, mainly because you get corpses and because they kill a unit of strength on the strategic layer, but they are much harder/rarer to detect.

EDIT: S&G does scale well and worth doing at every stage in the campaign. Whereas jailbreaks and scientist rescues are very valuable early on, but a lot less valuable as you're closing out the campaign.