[suggestion] restore GTS purchasable class perks

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[suggestion] restore GTS purchasable class perks

Post by thuytien » Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:54 am

The idea of leveling a guy in a class up to some rank and for a purchasable perk that benefit all your solider in that class is so cool, sadly LW2 removed the feature. How about we make more perks for each class so they can be those purchasable perks?

my idea:

Grenadier: battlefield savaging
Use 1 action to search the corpse for any useable grenade
*must be within 1 tier of a corpse
*you still used 1 action if there is no useable granade for savaging
(the idea is to prolong the longivity of grendier in non-turn limited missions)

Specialist: AI pilot system
Each mission have 1/2/3 charges (dependent on gremlin tech level) of free action to make your next gremlin action a free action, 1 turn cool down
*gremlin action are those such as combat protocol, override, gremlin heal, etc.
(the idea is to make specilist able to keep up much more quickier with the team in timed mission)

Gunner: Pain overloaded/ Enhanced suffering
Suppression and area suppression also damage enemy under the effect by 1
*also apply special ammo effect such as fire/poison/red screen/blue screen
(the idea is to restore the glory of mayham suppression in LW1)

Assault: Arc battery charger
Remove cool down of arc thrower
*not apply to chain lightning
(very strightforward, idea is to make assult able to use more stun)

Ranger: finger on the trigger
Chance to regain action point after you make attack in your turn
* proc once for about 6 attack you made, similar to what hair trigger do in vanlia XCOM 2
(again, very strightforward, idea is to make ranger shoot more)

Sharpshooter: distraction shots
Your missed shots deal 1 damage to target
*Behave exactly like your weapon installed with a t1 vanilla stock
(idea is... so low hit chance shot for newer sharpshooters can still do something, i.e. cancel overwatch)

Shinobi: one with smog
You are not likely to be detected and targeted in the effect of smoke grenade
*In concealment, shinobi in smoke can only be detected if flanked by enemy within 2 tile, improved to 1 if under effect of dense smoke
*In concealment, attack made in smoke and kill a target in smoke doesn't reveal the shinobi
*Shinobi also gain more 10 more defense and 20 dodge in smoke, increase to 20 defense and 40 dodge in dense smoke
(idea is to make melee shinobi less risky to use)

Technical: I am lazy on this, there is a mod that allow reload of rocket and flamethrower moded a skill in technical centrol tree 'fire and steel' into 'armament autoloader' (or something similar), intergeting this change, should put 'fire and steel' into GTS perks.

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Re: [suggestion] restore GTS purchasable class perks

Post by Dwarfling » Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:22 am

You're like, a year too late to be suggesting and requesting content. Unless you plan to do it yourself, it ain't gonna happen.

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