Overwatch shot triggers on mind control

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Overwatch shot triggers on mind control

Post by LordYanaek » Mon May 15, 2017 4:56 pm

A sectoid mind controlled one of my soldiers while another one was on overwatch and the overwatching soldier immediately fired on the mind controlled one even thought this one didn't move or shoot (it just became mind controlled). I suppose it's not how it should work as the mind controlled soldier didn't get to act, it all occurred during the same alien turn in direct sequence.
No save unfortunately as i wanted to play that campaign with Ironman and i was too surprised to alt-f4 before my own turn :( I never saw this before. If it occurs again i'll try to have a save (unless it's working as intended).

Both were rookies so no special perk.

LW2 v1.3
Windows 10
List of mods

Code: Select all

Unsorted (1):
    Better Debug Camera (Mouse + Keyboard)          AlwaysFasterDebugCamera

QoL (11):
    Show More Buff Details                          ShowMoreBuffDetails
    TacticalUI KillCounter                          KillCounter
    Upcoming events in hours                        Upcomingeventsinhours
    Commander's Choice                              CommandersChoice
    Tactical Speedup                                TacticalSpeedup
    Actual Chain Lightning                          RealChainLightning
    Quick End Turn                                  QuickEndTurn
    Evac All                                        EvacAll
    LOS Preview Ability                             LOSPreviewAbility
    robojumper's various speed-ups                  FasterOverwatch
    Gotcha Again                                    GotchaAgain

Total Overhaul (1):
    Long War 2                                      LW_Overhaul

Cosmetic (11):
    MtM's LW2 Squad Icon Pack                       LW2_MtMSquadIconPack
    Calmer Colors - Hair                            CalmerColorsHair
    Calmer Colors - Eyes                            CalmerColorsEyes
    Calmer Colors - Armor                           CalmerColors-Armor
    Alien Hunters Armor Customization Tweaks        AlienHuntersArmorCustomizationTweaks
    Capnbubs Accessories Pack                       CapnbubsAccessoriesPack
    Free the Hood                                   FreetheHood
    Mec Grenade Launcher Color Fix                  MecLauncherColorFix
    Edited Ragdoll Physics Redux                    EditedRagdollPhysicsRedux
    More Environmental Lighting Maps                MoreSkyboxes
    No Hunter's Lodge                               NoHuntersLodge

Rules Tweaks (3):
    Reliable Ever Vigilant                          ReliableEverVigilant
    Free Reload Anytime                             FreeReloadAnytime
    Peek From Concealment                           PeekInConcealment

Bugfixes (2):
    Facility Staff Slot Indicator Fix               FacilityStaffSlotIndicatorFix
    No free actions for Andromedon Robot            NofreeactionsforAndromedonRobot

UI (9):
    Grimy's Hotkeys                                 MoreHotkeys2
    Additional Icons                                LootIndicator
    LW2: Better Squad Icon Selector                 LW2BetterSquadIconSelector
    No Drop-down Lists                              LEBDropDownReplacement
    LW2: ShowMeTheSkills Revived                    LEBShowMeTheSkills_LW2
    Show Infiltration percentage in Squad Select    ShowInfiltrationpercentageinSquadSelect
    New Target Icons                                NewTargetIcons
    LW2: View Infiltrating Squad                    ViewSquad_LEB
    Perfect Information                             PerfectInformation

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Re: Overwatch shot triggers on mind control

Post by bountygiver » Mon May 15, 2017 10:24 pm

does the soldier has covering fire? It might be due to bad triggers for new covering fire.

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Re: Overwatch shot triggers on mind control

Post by LordYanaek » Tue May 16, 2017 3:02 pm

No, as i said both the mind-controlled soldier and the overwatching soldier were rookies. It was actually my first post Gatecrasher mission so they had no overwatch perk or PCS at all.

I've been unable to reproduce this on a fresh gatecrasher where i consoled out every enemy and waited for the sectoid to mind control me so not sure what strange combination of events caused this. I'll make sure not to use Ironman so i can have saves in case something strange occurs again :?

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