Audio Issue on Final Mission

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Audio Issue on Final Mission

Post by Steve-O » Fri Aug 18, 2017 3:16 pm

So I finally finished the campaign for the first time last night (huzzah!)

But I noticed a strange issue while I was playing through the final alien fortress assault mission: Every so often, the sound effects and voices would just stop happening. I could still hear the creepy "bubbly" background music, so it wasn't like the game was entirely muted, but character voices and weapons fire and other sound effects just didn't play. Oddly enough, Bradford and the Ethereals chatting away in the corner at the start of a new turn still made noise.

I couldn't pin-point anything that triggered the issue, just some turns would start with no SFX and it would remain that way until I exited to the menu and reloaded (thank goodness for autosaves every turn.) I didn't even need to exit the game fully, just going back to the main menu and then reloading would fix the issue.

I didn't see this issue AT ALL during the campaign, until the final mission. I didn't change anything about my mods list or options during the run. It's just really weird. Has anyone else seen anything like this during a run through?

(It's entirely possible that this has nothing to do with LW2 itself - it may be a vanilla bug or something from another mod, although I don't have any mods related to audio files. Any insight the community might be able to provide would be appreciated.)

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Re: Audio Issue on Final Mission

Post by nmkaplan » Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:24 pm

I've been seeing this from time to time too on regular missions, and I find that just going hitting ESC to bring up the primary menu and then going back to the game from there will resolve it most of the time.

It happens to me most often if I leave the game running for a while. I have a toddler so I often have to leap up from the computer at a moment's notice and sometimes don't come back for a couple hours. When I come back, I see the issue you're describing, in which the "foreground" audio (soldier confirmations, weapons firing, etc.) turned off but some "background" audio (music, crunching grass, window breaking, jumping down from height) remains unchanged.

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