Build order. When the AWC?

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Build order. When the AWC?

Post by SoundOfRain » Sun Jan 26, 2020 9:41 pm

Playing at Veteran, and maybe one day at above: what's your build order? I find myself having little time&space for the AWC.

I tend to do: GTS (because you always want to be able to choose squaddie classes) > Laboratory > GTS Officer Stations > Workshop > Power

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Re: Build order. When the AWC?

Post by WanWhiteWolf » Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:30 pm

It depends on your strategy.

GTS -> AWC -> Power/Resistance Com -> PG -> Laboratory -> PSI

I tend the build the laboratory quite late but the tech comes around the time I have the resources to spend.Another reason for making the laboratory a bit later is that I put it on Power Coil. Laboratory is one of the most power expensive buildings in the game and it's power usage is negated if you build it on power coil.

I skip lasers.
I get magnetic weapons on May. (when T2 show up)
I get coils mid-end of August. (when T3/archons show up)

If you play with "Commander's choice" mod, then you can consider starting with AWC.
If you get lucky with supply raids / troop columns then you can consider PG earlier (incendiary grenade is a game changer).

The above timing is for legend difficulty. On Veteran you can get the research done earlier.

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Re: Build order. When the AWC?

Post by Dwarfling » Sun Feb 23, 2020 6:04 pm

On legendary without skipping laser:

GTS on day 0.
Workshop on the middle tile (row 2) to dig the other tiles faster.

Now comes the tricky part, your priority is expanding, so you want Resistance Comms. But you want the Proving Grounds for Incendiary Grenades, which are necessary for your grenadiers. The AWS you don't actually want until you have like 4 scientists, because using one to heal faster but then being slow on important techs is silly, as superior tech gets you less hurt in the first place. Thing is, you won't have enough power to get Resistance Comms (needs 4) if you build the PG.

But you don't need to rush Comms if you don't have the Intel to actually expand, or if you get extra Contacts from rewards. If you do get contact rewards then you can build PG and AWS, then as you get supplies from high strength regions and possibly a liberation you can go Power+Comms.

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