LW2 1.5 Bugfixes

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Re: LW2 1.5 Bugfixes

Post by faket15 » Fri Nov 23, 2018 2:33 pm

Soupidity wrote:
prokolyo wrote:
Soupidity wrote:
I noticed the same thing with key rebinds resetting after a mission ends (or maybe it was after I restart the game client). Not sure if it's this mod, but it might be.

Also, the dummy lib & ufo rewards is actually a brilliant change and I wish it worked when used with an ongoing campaign.
I found this about the hotkeys. Didn't try yet but will when I get a chance.

https://steamcommunity.com/app/268500/d ... 181737398/

Edit: It's working so far :)
Ah, that would definitely explain it. I however won't mess with config files anymore, as doing so seems to mess with not only this mod but many other .inis I've had to tinker with. I also was mistaken about this mod being used with an ongoing campaign. I'm pretty sure it's all good to work with one.

On another note: "Added a restriction that prevents Emergency UFOs from spawning in regions that already have a Super Emergency UFO, mirroring the restriction that already exists."

Why was this change made? I think it was intended to work this way, no?
I did this to maintain a certain amount of symmetry. In LW2 without my mod you can have two reinforcement UFOs in the same region simultaneously no matter which one spawns first. My mod activates a restriction that already exists but doesn't work. When this restriction is active you can have two reinforcement UFOs at the same time but only if the smaller UFO spawns first. I didn't think this made a lot of sense and decided to change the restriction to go both ways.

The way I see it there are three options:
[*] The restrictions were actually disabled on purpose early in production but part of the code was kept in case they changed their minds,
[*] The fact that the restrictions didn't work was an error but them not being symmetrical was actually intended.
[*] Both are errors.

My assumption when making that change was that option 3 was correct.

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Re: LW2 1.5 Bugfixes

Post by prokolyo » Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:19 am

prokolyo wrote:
Meme Turtle wrote:- Added dummy rewards to Lib1 and UFO detection missions making all "Find a Lead" missions look exactly the same.

I think that is a bad change and should be made optional. In fact I would like to see better description for different mission types: lib, ufo precursor, facility lead. Mission information(as well as vigilance values) has a great influence on player's strategic decisions and should not be hidden.
I like the change but optional is fine.
Actually, I'm very curious why in the "vanilla" LW2 the Lib 1 mission doesn't simply state "Lib 1"? Since it's very clear which one is Lib 1. And the same for the UFO mission...

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