aStatProgression and adding new increases

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aStatProgression and adding new increases

Postby asterlacnala » Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:00 pm

Hello! I'm tinkering with vanilla X-Com 2 and was hoping someone could answer some questions for me regarding classes.

I'm working on a mod to change the four vanilla classes a bit - moving some abilities around but also changing some focus areas. For example, now specialists get the sniper rifle; sharpshooters are now "troubleshooters" and can use shotguns, rifles, and pistols to multiattack and apply debuffs; and grenadiers focusing on cannons become overwatch masters (including getting squad sight to use long watch).

I have already used aStatProgression to tweak the aim, hp, and strength bonuses as they level up to better fit the new roles. The fact that all of these progressions use the same elements, in the same order, and some include 0 entries, makes me question how customizable this is. Does anyone know if you can add extra elements to it? I'd like to give rangers some mobility increase as they rank up, troubleshooters a crit chance increase, and specialists a defense increase.

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