"Site-Recon" map/script doesn't start...

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"Site-Recon" map/script doesn't start...

Post by Zyxpsilon » Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:38 pm

Might be a very long shot to get some support for this but here goes anyway!

Out of nostalgia, i had just re-installed EU/EW along with Long-War (v1.0) & the whole thing seems to be working fine except for one single gameplay event -- loading up Site-Recon special council mission.

The basic cycle works "correctly" up until the actual start of the Drop-Zone squad deploy. Skyranger phase is properly passing through its normal opening video with the Map splasher & Brief paragraphs, after which i only get a static full-screen overlay (loops infinitely without any way to "esc" or skip it .. indirect CTD) of the Geoscape cyan globe with Bradford staring from the bottom left side.

I checked out various stuff (LOG + installation steps + any other hacky tricks + personal Mods list, etc) to try finding the "flaw" or true cause itself without luck. It's as if a pre-load movie component is caught in a badly referenced setup loop somehow.

Any hints or direct solution someone might please offer me? Note that i already verified files & properly re-built LW as instructed by your debug recommendation(s). I have to wonder if Windows-10 may be screwing up something vital .. and yes, i did all of the usual "Run-as-Admin" & "Compatibility Options" attempts.

(( Sadly.. Mission must be skipped and thus, huge Panic effect hits Canada/North-America! ))

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