A bunch of questions/requests

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99% shot miss
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A bunch of questions/requests

Post by 99% shot miss » Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:50 pm

Well i've been playing this mod for a few days, and even if i'm liking most of it, some parts/things are bugging me as i can't seem to find a explanation for them, or i feel they aren't actually 'right'

1-Do 75% shots miss that often? Recently, i can't seem to hit anything that's below 90% probability to hit (And even that misses a lot), the thing is that it happens every turn and i miss easily like the half of the shots my troops make. Maybe it's bugged or something (Or basically i'm cursed lol, i don't think it can't be RNG). Also, this started to happen today (idk if that helps anyways)
2- You can only level up faction influence while liberating regions? I know the chosen are disabled for now but afaik liberating a lot of regions is not worth it in lw2 so maybe there should be another way to increase influence?
3- This is more request than question, but can we please have a way to disable dark events? They get annoying when you have enemies with 4+ health than they should have and if the missions to prevent them last only 8 hours you can't even try to do them. Maybe a research or a special mission but please think about it.
4- Can the rendering corpses thing accumulate? So i can put like 10 of them and not being bothered with the lab pop up appearing every time i jump on the world map.
5- Maybe we should be able to use trhe training center, maybe restrict the ability buying so you can't have all the class skills bought, but at least let us use it similar to like it works in wotc.
I think that's it, ty for reading

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Re: A bunch of questions/requests

Post by paledbrook » Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:43 pm

1. Never had an issue with 75% shots. Lots of them hit. Note that the 75% you're probably referring to includes the graze chance.

2. You can enable the Chosen in the Advanced Options on campaign start. This is a recognised problem, though, so we'll look into an alternative approach for increasing faction influence that's independent of liberations *and* the Chosen covert actions.

3. You're only supposed to be able to counter a few of the dark events. Those permanent dark events that buff the aliens/ADVENT are there to make sure the enemy scales with XCOM. So when you say "They get annoying when you have enemies with 4+ health", that's not correct. They are supposed to have that extra health (although I don't think the Conditioning dark events appear often enough for +4).

4. There's no way to set up auto repeat that I know of, sorry. And there's still much else to do that's a higher priority.

5. The next beta (and the latest development build) have an Advanced Option that you can enable that allows you to train multiple class skills at a given rank. However, a multiplier is applied to the base AP cost for those skills, starting at 1.5 and increasing by 0.5 for each extra class skill you purchase.

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