Haven management suggestion.

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Haven management suggestion.

Post by diegg0 » Wed May 27, 2020 2:01 pm

First time posting! Thank you for LW 2 everybody. This thing is an AAA game itself.

I would like to suggest a different approach on haven management: instead of a selecting individually which rebel is doing what, we could instead have a slide bar to determine what percentage is dedicated to each job.
So, instead of:
rebel #1 recruiting
rebel #2 supply
rebel #3 intel

We could have:
Total: 3 rebels
Intel: 33%
Supply: 33%
Intel: 33%

Each time we slide a bar, it changes the other 2 accordingly. Instead of 13 rebels that we need to interact all the time, we have 3 fixed slide bars (like options menu ones) that we easily navigate and saves us time.

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Re: Haven management suggestion.

Post by Manifest » Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:33 pm

Each time we slide a bar, it changes the other 2 accordingly.

So since you mentioned "instead of", it seems that you envision that this could replace the current system entirely.

That in itself sounds like a bit of an annoyance for very little payoff, that means invariably you're going to have to adjust one bar, then likely one of the other two bars, and then you might even have to go back to the first bar. It would work easily if there were two choices, but not as much for three. Do you have any examples of where this system works well in a game? I would say that it's used most in character creation, and I actively think it hurts there.

That's just a usability concern, the gameplay reasons for why you actually need to pay attention to each rebel individually are crucial. It boils down to the fact that not all of your rebels are the same.

1. Some rebels are higher rank than others, and can be 1.5x or 2x as effective, you'll likely want finer control than a slider to make sure they're apportioned properly.

2. Some rebels are faceless. I believe you can actually some testing with your rebels and their job output to parse out which are more likely to be faceless, once you know which ones are likely spies, you'll want to manually keep them off jobs.

3. Switching between jobs causes a rebel to inactive for a certain time period. I remember reading this so don't quote me on this exactly, but I believe switching a rebel's job makes them stop working for a bit while they switch, so ideally you'd want fine control of who switches, so you are making sure that you are not accidentally switching all your rebels for no reason.

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