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Unique Secondary Weapons available for all soldiers ?

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:58 pm
by Missteur X
Hi Jonnhy and the others :)

First, big THANK YOU all for making this masterpiece of a mod available for us ; really can't imagine playing without it :)

Question: Could one be able to make all "unique weapons" (arc thrower, gremlin, etc,.) available for ALL type of soldiers without it involving heavily modifying the mod ?

I suck with the game and when it comes to modding as well. But recently, I managed -- while adding ballistic shields from a mod -- first to win at least one mission --at last XD -- and also to make available to all soldiers those new unique weapons -- I did it through the required mod Pistol slot for LWOTC that let you (after some tweaking) have your soldiers have access to these weapons in the new pistol slot.

So, so far, all unique weapons can be chosen by all type of soldiers, but ONLY the gauntlet can be effectively used on the field by all (the other weapons can be taken on a mission but are unusable --there's no ui icon for me to click onto).

So I tried everything : modifying stuff in dataclass.ini, gamedata; swapping abilities; changing slots requirements; banging my head on the wall... But all of this to no avail. I can't find the reason why the gauntlet can be used by all and not the other weapons; I couldn't find the one thing that made that gauntlet accessible to all.

Could anyone kindly guide me to the right direction and bring an end to my suffering, just even telling me the .ini file to look into to make the dream comes true or just letting me know if what I ask for is impossible without redoing God's (Pavonis Studio) work?

Thanks, and really sorry if such question doesn't belong here :/

P.-s.: Registering to the website, there's a captcha to confirm that I'm human...What if I'm not...?

Re: Unique Secondary Weapons available for all soldiers ?

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 11:19 pm
by johnnylump
Fuzzy memory and no promises, but the first thing I'd try is working in XComClassData.ini to with +AllowedWeapons lines for each class along with the base perk to use the special weapon at the squaddie rank.

Re: Unique Secondary Weapons available for all soldiers ?

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2019 7:39 pm
by Missteur X
:D Ah! Thanks Johnny, I appreciate the answer, even from fuzzy memory ;)

But I did try so many things --even what you suggested -- but I still can't fathom why the hell nothing works except that gaunlet which indeed does work right out of the box. Here is what I did for example :

For the Grenadier class, in classdata.ini, I made the soldier have the possibility to select the gremlin in their second slot. That works: I can equip a gremlin for the grenadier. Then, I took the base abilities from the specialist class (the one which can use gremlins: aid protocol, haywire, etc,.) and pasted them right after the base grenadier abilities so that class now should be able to make use of them...But no. Nothing. Again, the technical gauntlet just need be made available to any slot for any class to use it, so...that's infuriating :lol: Tried it on a new game, with multiple classes, to different slots...Can't find a way out of my urge to even simply know now what's the matter (been tweaking it for weeks :D )

A shame, as it would be lovely to have your guys use the base weapon as they see fit, the more specialized use of it being reserved to the specific class it belongs to. Would make sense and be pretty awesome.

If anyone can give me a clue, I'd very much appreciate it. And thanks again Johnny for your time and answer and everything else actually ;)