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Punishing Reenforcements

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:56 am
by trangtrainam
I have watched probably like 6 hours of gameplay from various points in the game, and while I cannot say I have witnessed all the game in its release form, I have noticed that the reinforcements come in limited numbers, generally advent troops and mecs, and with a quick deployment for overwatch, they can easily be wiped out. It really cheapens the game. It is like Advent is dropping a small group of underpowered troops straight to their death, and its no sweat for the player.

So I propose, that when reinforcements start appearing, they increase with frequency unbounded, up to multiple times within one turn, and should include enemies up to Sectopods, so its no joke, being out of position late in a mission can easily wipe out a squad, and the troops are too strong and numerous for grinding (for experience and loot drops).

Essentially, like when the rebel squad catches up to you at a jumpgate in FTL edition, facing off against a particularly strong enemy while on a clock for taking major damage from the Anti ship batteries.

Also, heavily buffed and continuous reinforcements could be put in as an alternative to the absolute mission failure clocks, like the 9 turns to escape with the VIP.