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Post by MinusMyX » Tue Mar 17, 2020 9:58 am

I'm only playing on veteran like a massive casual but I've found a strategy I'm going to try legend with and was wondering whether it is viable or I just got lucky on my current run.
The priority in this strategy is being able to generate and dominate as many supply raids/ troop columns and ufos as possible.

1. Do gatecrasher, research comms and put all on intel, send one or two squaddies on each mission that pops up and ignore black market until lasers. Build GTS.
2. Asap contact the other two regions you can, put both all on intel, hopefully have an engineer to speed up GTS and excavate. If you get a scientist they advise until network tower unlocked in home region.
3. Reserve your shinobi for evac missions solo and specialist for hack missions solo. Everyone else goes on fighty missions or jailbreak/easy stuff etc.
4. Once GTS is up set aside the best five shinobi and specialists and get training (this takes a while). shinobi first as they can solo most stealth missions.
5. Feel free to send garbage stat rookies on solo missions to be advisors, but as you have no income from havens not a priority- you are trying to power level gatecrasher team and pick GTS classes for good rookies.
I was able to get around 12 gops done a month due to super low infiltration times and everyone on intel at this point.

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Post by Dwarfling » Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:03 pm

I haven't checked lower difficulties but in Legendary the average infiltration time for 1 soldier is 4d, 2 soldiers is 4d 5h, and 4 soldiers is 4d 16h, so you ain't really getting that much difference for sending a squad of 4 that has a fighting chance on XLight than a squad of 1 or 2 that will very likely die if they encounter combat. You add another soldier for your standard 5 soldier squad and you're getting up to ~5d 20h so in the big scheme of things you ain't really generating that many additional missions per supply cycle if you go solo or you deploy a standard squad. There's a cap on how many missions a region can spawn, it's 2 GOps and Liberation, then missions that have requirements like 4 strength for Troop Column.

My point is that you ain't getting much out of the big risk you're taking by deploying solo missions. Losing one of your "solo" guys is quite the big blow in Legendary, again, I haven't checked lower difficulties, but you don't get rookies to recruit in the Armory by default, they cost $20 and it takes 12d to train them into a class. Also there's no guarantee at all that you can solo any of "stealth-able" missions, so if you could deploy a regular team you just lost the reward and the experience.

But ok, let's say you get 3+ regions, set them all on intel and you spawn tons of missions you can infiltrate with your solo guys. ADVENT starts sending Supply Trains and UFOs and you somehow detect them with enough time. Now you face the possibility of Strength Death. By constantly killing Supply Trains and UFOs you increase vigilance way above the number of legions in the planet. ADVENT will go into overdrive and keep spawning legions until that number equalizes. You can't catch them all, in fact, you'll realistically only catch a few of them as ADVENT can spawn them in regions you haven't contacted. And then every region will be at 5+ strength and you won't be able to get enough easy missions to get the intel required to expand into the story missions. Game over.

My advise is: expand fast, but do intel in 2 regions while you develop other regions (recruit, lowering vigilance). Once a region you're working blows up in strength, set it to Supply and switch another region to intel, most likely one you've let rest and develop. Keep the Global Resistance Threat low and enjoy XLight missions during your whole campaign.

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