Changing Something In LW2 Code

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Changing Something In LW2 Code

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I am new to modding but I am a programmer by trade so I am hoping I will be able to handle this, I just need a few pointers to help me get started! I know this board is not so active anymore as LW2 has been out for ages and most people have moved on now, but I have just started my first campaign (steam backlog sooo huge!) and am really enjoying :)

I'd like to understand how to change something small in LW2 and the best way of doing that - my example is the FaceOff ability being disabled when concealed behaviour. I can see in the code in LWTemplateMods.uc that the shooter condition for the faceoff ability template gets its ExcludeConcealed property set to true when the template is being set up and I think this is where this behaviour is being set (the end result being that when in-game, a soldier cannot use faceoff when they are concealed and instead you get a disabled icon on screen which when clicked informs you "Unit is concealed").

As a coder I don't really want to change the LW2 code itself if possible, I would rather make my own small mod that (in pseudo code terms) runs after LW2 has done its thing and then modifies just this one thing (e.g. set the ExcludeConcealed property to false).

Is this possible? I have seen references in other messages (via googling) to creating a mod and then extending the LW2 classes to apply changes but I am not sure if they are doing the same thing (i.e. I don't want to replace the LW2 code behaviour).

Or is it more appropriate to simply change the LW2 source, rebuild the whole thing and then install that locally on my game pc?

Thanks in advance :)
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