X-Com 2: Long war <> Terra invicta

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X-Com 2: Long war <> Terra invicta

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I'm curious, if there will be a Long War mod for X-Com 2, despite the fact, that an own game will need plenty of time to develop.

I would definitely give Terra invicta a try, but I like X-Com and I really love X-Com Long War.

Please tell me, that there will be a mod from you for X-Com 2. Even if the vanilla game would make everything right, I am sure, you could even imrpove that. I didn't know what I missed on X-Com until I installed your mod :)

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Re: X-Com 2: Long war <> Terra invicta

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With the recent announcement of LWS working directly with Firaxis, I'm sure we can expect a few mods at launch :)
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