Long War of the Chosen Beta 1 is officially released!

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Long War of the Chosen Beta 1 is officially released!

Post by paledbrook » Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:50 pm

The good news is that beta 1 is now available. The bad news is that it's not on Steam. For those of you still willing to download the zip and install the mod, check out the release on GitHub (download link is at the bottom).

Make sure you read the release notes thoroughly, particularly the first part on upgrading from earlier versions

This is a pretty substantial change, so I'll just include some highlights here:
  • All the faction soldiers can now get Master Sergeant and have extra perks
  • Chosen are now enabled through a Second Wave option rather than a INI setting
  • The chance for Chosen to appear on a mission is affected by the infiltration level (the more you underinfiltrate, the more chance for them to appear)
  • The LW2 flamethrower targeting is back! No more frustration as you fail to hit any targets with it because you're standing behind some half cover.
  • The invasion mission is a little easier on the reinforcements, but you can no longer one-shot the spike to stop them
  • The Squad Select screen has some quality of life changes, including the map type the mission will be on (so you don't get stuck bringing a Death-from-Above Sharpshooter on Tunnels).
Anyway, too tired to write any more. Many thanks to all those mentioned in the acknowledgements section of the release notes. Hope you enjoy the mod!

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Re: Long War of the Chosen Beta 1 is officially released!

Post by Jacke » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:43 pm

Congratulations on taking this project to such a stage. Been distantly following things. Currently, I just don't have the space to reinstall XCOM 2 WotC, so I won't be checking it out any time soon. It is good to know that LW2 has been continued.

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