Suggestion for org reorganization

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Suggestion for org reorganization

Post by Acheron »

Making bigger reorganizations of your organizations is currently poorly organized IMHO.

I would suggest a separate "Re-org" screen for doing bigger changes. That screen would show all your councilors and their organizations as well as unassigned orgs. On the screen, you can merrily drag and drop the orgs from whoever to whoever, without regard to admin caps. However, if you end up with an illegal configuration (for example, a councilor going over his admin or org limit), you cannot save the changes, to do that, the new layout has to be "legal", that is no one is above any limit and your have to pay the bill in money and/or influence of course.

IMHO, this would make things more convenient for everyone, but particularly new players (like me). At times, I wasted money shoveling orgs back and fourth because what I intended to do wasn't possible due to councilor background constrictions or because I had miscalculated admin cap (I sometime raise councilors admin cap despite it being already at or over 25 so that I can assign one of their orgs with an admin bonus to someone else, to dot hat, I can check out their basic admin level, but then have to count the boni from orgs individually).

Overall though, the whole organization mechanic IMHO has a lot of potential and could probably be expanded to something rivaling the control of nations in sheer importance, if so desired. There is a card came "Illuminate: New World Order" by Steve Jackson Games, never played it but read about it and found the idea quite intriguing.
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Re: Suggestion for org reorganization

Post by neilwilkes »

Some very good points here indeed.
A way to organize your Orgs would be really helpful as I have often run into the same issue - time and time again.
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