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Map painting sugguestion

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The games unitfication mechansim should be more explained in detail.

1. Federation

In the game, federation is a neccessary step of united into regional or global country.

I researched Forward Russia, but now Eurasion do not have the doplimacy option to unit with EU peacefully (I don't know whether it's a hard limit). While the Euro tech tree are more expansive so I did not go for it.

I researched Pan-asia combined, now there is doplimacy option for PAC to fedorate with Eurasion. but I don't know the use of it.

There is not much benifit to a federation, since the exit of federation seems quit easy (only takes one mission cycle). Apart from the possiblity to united into one nation, the shared usage of MC and boost seems not enough reason to join federation (given I already control both countries, that makes no use in mid-late game).

I think federation should at lease provide some bonus to CP cost. Since in reallity they not only defend their enemy together, their is also economy treaty, united currecy, united market. Base on what kind of federation it is. The EU is a kind of economy federation, without united gov. The United Stats of america is also a kind of federation but with a central gov. The confedorate Stats of America once exist is more loosely kind of federation (correct me if I'm wrong)

2. Map painting techs.

It will be more user friendly to have a interface to preview the effect on map painting techs (where and what region is included) .
For example, I don't familiar with africa geography. I do not know which tech to invest : East Africa/ Africa union / Caliph / Caliph+.

I do not know the intended usage of independence tech, but it seems to be quit anonying to show up in the tech tree, and interruption of prompt XXX can be research.

3. The possibility unification candidates.

Currently unification rule only requires a claim of the capital, which is too simple and lack of consideration.
( I'm sorry this is going to attract some flame. But I have to speak it seriously.)

I've seen playthough that: PRC + Taiwan = PRC, PRC-> POC, POC (taiwan) + indonesia = indonesia, india + PRC = india, ... india + indonesia = india. which is quite ridiculus to me. Because in the history, the capital of POC should be Nanjing, not Taipei.
KMT rules in Taiwan due to the lost of civil war. Not that Taipei is suitable as a capital of a dynasty. In history Tīnn Sîng-kong rule in Taipei for a short time, only because he served former Ming dynasty and refuse the rule of Qing dynasty.
In Chinese history, the creator of a dynasty should choose carefully where the capital is, considering the reason of political and economy inflence of the area, and terrain for defence of possible enemy. The decision will determine the fate of the empire. If the man made a wrong one, the ruling will not last long.

Another example:

South American Union ... an_Nations
The tech requires Bolivia. But according to wiki, it should be a Venezuelan ideal.
Old history ideals has little foundation nowadays. Without paticipation of large regional countries, such ideal cannot be realize. Large majority countries does not want to be rule by a small country.

In summary I think the rule of unification should be:
* Regional co-operation: like EU, Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Organization of American States.
* Movement base of the same language or historical influence: Turkestan
* Countries that have a same majorty ethical group: ?
* Countries used to rule by the same empire: Commonwealth of Nations. Eurasian Union
* Countries with the same religion: Calipha
* Countries in the same defence treaty: NATO ?
* After the unification, the capital should be determined by the original country which have a greater soft power ( political influence or population), or base on predecided rule.
* you cannot give captial to other countries, since it's a shame to people under the ruling.

The the end, I'd like to say a united earth gov should be possible. Since we already have UN. (Will that be too much to research ? )
The requirement can be met by the control of US, Russia, China, EU, UK. This untimate tech can be sit at the top of map maping tech tree.
This eliminate the need to juggle complex of X claim Y rules. Give player the possiblity to truly focus on the space in the late game.
It's also possible to make a two faction foothold scenario that the UN against the Alien, which will be simpler for starter to play
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