Win7 32 bit upgraded to Win10 64 bit

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Win7 32 bit upgraded to Win10 64 bit

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I love Long War and played it to death on my old machine. And if this earns me any attention, I did contribute $25 last week when I downloaded the long war mod last week from nexus mods.

To get to the point, since I upgraded from Win7 32 bit to Win10 64 bit, I cannot get Xcom to work at all. I get a Steam error saying "Steam Service Error" then "The Steam service on your computer requires some maintenance," and it offers a button that says "Install service". Clicking it doesn't help.

I've reloaded Xcom in Steam several times. I deleted Steam and reinstalled it and reloaded all my games. I've tried to get Xcom to work before I reinstall your great mod, and after. Steam help says it's Xcom or the mod, and it does only happen with Xcom EW, of all my games.

I wonder if the 64 bit Win10 game is trying to connect to the 32 bit Win 7 save game that I was in the middle of, wherever that is.

I would be very grateful for advice on how to get Xcom Long War working again.

Looking forward to Terra Invicta. Thanks, and stay healthy.
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Re: Win7 32 bit upgraded to Win10 64 bit

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I poked around and found this thread: ... 924836433/

You might try turning off anything relating to cloud saves, as well. Beyond that all I can think of is trying 2K support. Good luck.
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