Build order. When the AWC?

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Build order. When the AWC?

Post by SoundOfRain » Sun Jan 26, 2020 9:41 pm

Playing at Veteran, and maybe one day at above: what's your build order? I find myself having little time&space for the AWC.

I tend to do: GTS (because you always want to be able to choose squaddie classes) > Laboratory > GTS Officer Stations > Workshop > Power

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Re: Build order. When the AWC?

Post by WanWhiteWolf » Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:30 pm

It depends on your strategy.

GTS -> AWC -> Power/Resistance Com -> PG -> Laboratory -> PSI

I tend the build the laboratory quite late but the tech comes around the time I have the resources to spend.Another reason for making the laboratory a bit later is that I put it on Power Coil. Laboratory is one of the most power expensive buildings in the game and it's power usage is negated if you build it on power coil.

I skip lasers.
I get magnetic weapons on May. (when T2 show up)
I get coils mid-end of August. (when T3/archons show up)

If you play with "Commander's choice" mod, then you can consider starting with AWC.
If you get lucky with supply raids / troop columns then you can consider PG earlier (incendiary grenade is a game changer).

The above timing is for legend difficulty. On Veteran you can get the research done earlier.

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